Capture better photos with Snapsure.

Snapsure tells you when it’s possible to take the shots you want to take. There’s nothing worse than missing an opportunity to take photo you’ve been thinking about for months, so we pull in data from dozens of sources to tell you when the stars—or time, sunset, tide, weather, and lots more—align.

Get alerted when the shots you want to take are possible.

Say you want to take a sunset photo of some rocks on a nearby beach that are only visible at low tide. You need a couple of things to line up: the low tide has to coincide with the golden hour and, of course, you can’t have a miserable grey day.

You could ceaselessly refresh your favourite weather and tide apps, hoping every day that the shot’s available. Or, you could create an alert with Snapsure. A few days before the shot is possible, we’ll drop you an email to let you know. No more missed opportunities.

With X variables and billions of possible combinations, whatever shot you want to take, Snapsure can make sure you don’t miss it.

Get that classic Milky Way arch

The centre of our galaxy is incredible to behold—and a lot of fun to photograph. Create a Snapsure alert that lets you know when there’s a clear, dark, moonless night with the galactic centre visible and you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t miss misty mornings

A soft, picturesque mist blankets the land—but you’re in bed. Set up a Snapsure alert so that you know when to get up before dawn, and when it’s safe to sleep in.

Capture the aurora wherever you are

The Northern (and Southern) Lights are visible, at least occasionally, through much of the Northern US and Europe. Don’t miss your chance to take an aurora shot from home with a Snapsure alert.

What Snapsure Does

With Snapsure, you can create alerts to let you know when photos you want to take are possible. No more constantly checking weather apps or missing great photo opportunities. Some of the factors you can use to create alerts are:

  • Sunrise and sunset
  • The golden and blue hours
  • Moonrise, moonset and moon phase
  • The time of day, day of the week, month of the year or season
  • Twilight and total darkness times
  • The cloud cover
  • Whether or not it’s raining and, if so, how much
  • How windy it is and what direction the wind is coming from
  • Whether or not there’s a chance of fog
  • And many more to come...