Welcome to the Snapsure Beta

Hello! Welcome to the Snapsure Beta—things are… beta-ey. And exciting! I wrote my original Welcome to Snapsure letter a tad prematurely, but things are kicking off properly right now. There’s enough functionality—and few enough bugs—that we think other photographers will start to find Snapsure useful. (And if they don’t, that’s the kind of hard feedback […]

How to Create a Snapsure Alert

Snapsure monitors the weather, light, moon phase, and loads more conditions for the ones you want to line up—and then alerts you, so you don’t have to constantly check a half-dozen apps. Let’s look at a super simple example. Say you want to take a photo at a local beach and you need: Clear skies […]

What’s Next for Snapsure?

Hey, welcome to the super soft launch of Snapsure. This is beta version 0.0001—but, it’s now usable and (hopefully) useful. You can check out the launch announcement for a few more ideas but, as of now, you can use Snapsure to create alerts that tell you if: It’ll be a clear night and the galactic […]

Welcome to Snapsure

Hey, so this is Snapsure—a service that helps photographers get the shot. Right now it’s super rough, but we’re moving things in the right direction so stay tuned. The idea behind Snapsure is pretty simple—to get the great photos you want, you need certain things (like the time of day, the weather, and what the […]